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Zeta FM 95.1


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RadioVivo.Com – Zeta FM 95.1 en vivo. Escucha la radio en linea por internet.

Name Information
La Radio Nombre Zeta FM 95.1
Frecuencia 95.1
Genre Variety
Launched Born on August 1, 1999
Zeta FM 95.1
Sobre      Going back to the origins must indicate that Radio Monumental was founded by Don Gonzalo Hernández Pinto in 1929 and was at the center of Tibás. After his death, his son Leonel Pinto decides to move the station to San Jose and once located to the Capital decided to put a blackboard outside the building to distinguish Monumental, with the important information of your first newsletter “The Word of Costa Rica”.
The balcony for prominent as the elected presidents in political campaigns, being the last to visit this Balcony Lord José María Figueres and the First Lady of the Republic of Figueres Josie Altman.
Another element that distinguished for many years when befell Radio Monumental truly spectacular event was the signature sound of his horn, which is on display today in our facilities.
This mermaid, along with the aforementioned slate, led the place was known and was called “the corner of the great events”.
Since its inception Monumental was characterized by its news character: his first news The Word of Costa Rica lasted 30 years on the air about to give the July 1, 1983 Monumental give a new historic step by becoming the first system news all time, thus anticipating a concept used today by CNN.
Monumental was always characterized by its pioneering spirit as it was the first station in Costa Rica in having service teletype AP, using wireless microphones, holsters for his work in the studios and broadcast booths, walkie-talkie, to count with Marti communication system for broadcasting, use crawlers, scanner, police frequencies for events, to link its repeaters throughout the country through the FM frequency getting your signal is heard around Costa Rica.
In 1999 Radio Monumental starts as Monumental Group to launch ZFM, station since its launch become the number one country in the genre of Latin music. Additionally format space rental Fabulous Radio stations and Radio Favorita Amplitude Modulation (now Radio Managua) is created.
On March 10, 2004 is released to air EXA FM, a radio juvenile court in just eight months makes it to be number one, made to the previous number one took him six years of work.
On March 16, 2004 leading the operation Clock Radio station and tradition in the radio market assumes a station format and content on the same date operation Punto Radio Five, musical directed to adult contemporary station also starts that from the first of July 2004 renamed BEST FM, which for October 2004 reached first place in the segment of men 24-39 years.
As of July 4, 2004 Favorite Radio Radio becomes Managua, which seeks to be the radio station of the Nicaraguan population living in the country.
País Costa Rica
Sitio oficial http://www.zetafmcr.com


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